Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Choose Us?

The fixed income world is a mystery to many investors.  Most believe in retirement you reduce your stock exposure and buy a few bond mutual funds or corporate bonds from your broker.  And to some degree that does make sense.  You’ve reduced your risk to the volatile stock market, but now you’ve exposed yourself to other types of risk.  The problem for most investors is they don’t know what other investment options are available to them, so their choices are limited. 

3rd Street Capital Management participates in the institutional world of Fixed Income and has access to many different types of bonds in which the common investor does not.  We marry these bonds in a way to decrease risk while working to meet and/or exceed your income needs and continue to grow your portfolio for the long term. In addition we can mix in value oriented mid to large cap equities to enhance growth in the portfolio.

What does being a Fiduciary mean?

A fiduciary is someone charged with the responsibility of investing assets for a client.  In other words, if you choose our service it is our responsibility, as a fiduciary, to invest your assets according to your investment objectives.  This is a profoundly important responsibility and it is our oath to you that we will always place your needs above our own.  We will be honest with you about your investments and your goals.   

What is a Fee-Only Financial Advisor?

Fee-Only refers to an investment account where the advisor’s compensation is based on a set percentage of client’s assets instead of a commission-based investment, in which the advisor makes money based on the amount of trades made in the client’s account or the amount of assets sold to the client. The benefit of a fee only account is the advisor's interests are considered to be more in line with those of the investor.

What is your investment minimum?

Our minimum for the  Equity strategy is $25,000.

Our minimum for all of our Fixed Income strategies is $500,000.